Maersk Training Course Helps People Fill Jobs in Offshore Wind

By Curious
Maersk Training company, based in Newcastle, created an employment program that helps people in the offshore wind industry to develop new qualifications and benefit from new careers. The program was created to advantage people of the job opportunities in the offshore wind energy sector in the thriving U.K. market.

Many people got jobs with BostonEnergy earlier this year, thanks to the pilot Diploma course of Maersk Training. The various roles of the workers include working as Technicians on Offshore Siemens Wind Turbines and working on Walney Offshore Windfarm.

“Tough economic times mean unemployment rates are high in our region. Encouragingly, the offshore wind energy sector is expanding at a very fast pace and there are numerous opportunities for people seeking employment and looking to get into a fast-growing industry, however learning these safety skills is a vital prerequisite. The recent Renewable UK Skills Manifesto estimates that by 2023 the sector will require an additional 70,500 skilled workers and clearly our qualification will go some way to filling the skills shortage in the sector,” commented Stuart Cameron, Managing Director at Maersk Training.

The Operations Manager of BostonEnergy, Mr. Adrian Yeaman, stated:

“BostonEnergy work hard to support our clients with the best turbine technicians and Maersk Training supply sound technical and safety training programs that give the technician the best attitude in working safely. The Diploma is a very pro-active way of bringing new technicians into the industry and Maersk Training should be commended in introducing this qualification”

Talking about the Maersk Training course, the Wind Turbine Technician with BostonEnergy, Martin Scott said: "We are glad to join the renewable industry. I have joined a growing team since I was offered from BostonEnergy to apply this position. Previously, I worked at Walney Offshore Windfarm in Cumbria. The Diploma course arranged by Maersk Training played the prime role in me taking the job as the training and skills gained while I was taking the course gave me insight into working safely." BostonEnergy saw the progress and potential of Martin Scorr and he has now been enrolled into a L4 course.

The "Staying Safe" in the Wind Turbine Environment (Off and On shore) Level 2 Diploma lasts almost 10 weeks and covers fundamental experience, knowledge, skills and training people need to work in an offshore wind turbine environment.

The Diploma course of Maersk Training is a wonderful opportunity to offer people that may not be otherwise financially able to improve their prospects, a good chance to get their foot on the ladder and gain experience and valued qualification.

The Maersk Training's program is planned to turn every 2-3 months, with the next Diploma, which started in November. Applicants should be unemployed to qualify for a free place in the course and in receipt of benefits, they must be English residents on the start date of the course, as well as they need to be aged 19 or over. Those, who aren't intended to qualify for a free place in the course, are able to apply for a place at a subsidized rate.