Marubeni Corporation (Marubeni), announced yesterday that on January 2nd, it exported its first shipment of U.S.-produced liquified ethylene through Enterprise Navigator Ethylene Terminal LLC. Enterprise Products Partners L.P. (Enterprise), which is the biggest energy midstream provider in the United States, owns 50% of the shares of Enterprise Navigator Ethylene Terminal LLC.

Marubeni’s First Shipment of US-Produced Liquified Ethylene
Caption: Enterprise Navigator Ethylene Terminal

This project is the result of export service agreements made between Enterprise and Marubeni, and a United States-based ethylene producer respectively. 

Marubeni’s role in this project is to provide the adjustment function of ethylene supply-demand balance to the global market through a seaborne logistics service arranged by Marubeni. By having the export service agreement with Enterprise and handling U.S.-produced ethylene, Marubeni can provide ethylene more flexibly to consumers and areas where ethylene is in short supply, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Source: Marubeni