USCG Cutter Collided with a 1,004-foot Freighter Ship

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Freighter ship Mesabi Miner collided with the USCG Cutter, Hollyhock on Sunday morning, January 5th in northern Lake Michigan.

Public Affairs Specialist and Petty Officer 2nd class at the United States Coast Guard district office in Cleveland (USCG), Levi Read, reported the accident between the USCG vessel and the freighter ship occurred 22 miles west of the Mackinac Straits at about 10:45 am.

There is no information for any water pollution or injured people due to collision, informed Read.

The USCG Cutter, Hollyhock was breaking ice, cutting a line in west direction and hit a hard spot in the ice, said the operations specialist 1st class for the USCG Sector Salut Ste. Marie, Keith Showalter. The 1,004-foot freighter ship Mesabi Miner was astern of Hollyhock and hit the stern of the USCG Cutter.

Mesabi Miner, freighter ship sustained small damage to its bow. The USCG icebreaker Hollyhock experienced significant damages to its stern and fantail, reported Keith Showalter.

The USCG Cutter, Hollyhock started back course toward St. Ignace after the accident. The icebreaker was 10 nautical miles off the St. ignace as of 6:45 pm., added Levi Read.

Showalter said another USCG icebreaker, Biscayne Bay was dispatched to assist the collided Hollyhock to clear the backway path to the shore. The assisting USCG vessel was breaking ice in the lower part of river St. Mary at the time of the collision between Hollyhock and Mesiba Miner.

The freighter ship Mesabi Miner was carrying iron ore heading to Gary, Ind. at the time of the accident. Showalter said, after the collision, Mesabi Miner continued en route to Gary with its convoy of 6 merchant ships.

The launched in 2003, 225-foot USCG Cutter, Hlooyhoch is being stationed on St. Clair River at 2700 Omar Street, Port Huron when she is not breaking ice or tending buoys.

Hollyhock vessel returned to Huron port in October after 4 months in Baltimore where was provided dry dock maintenance.