Indonesian ferry sinks, 3 dead and dozen missing

By Accidents

3 passengers have perished after an Indonesian ferry sank in Indonesia. The vessel Munawar, with estimated number of passengers between 80-160, went down to the bottom of the sea off the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara. It was reported that 46 passengers were rescued and the search for more survivors continues. People that were saved, have been sent to another vessel, KMP Marina Kuintan. The tragedy happened near Bali. 

The exact number of passengers that were on board the ferry Munawar is not known for the moment (probably 49). An investigation will show the cause of the tragic incident, but according to some of the passengers just before the sinking, a leak was seen and a signal (without response) was sent to the ferry officials. There is no evidence if the cargo of the ferry has influenced the sinking, the vessel was carrying 6 trucks, 4 pickup trucks, 8 minibuses and 15 motorcycles (cargo went down to the bottom with the ferry).

The vessel left Kayangan Port before the tragic incident and it is known that the weather and the waves were not the cause of the sinking. 5 miles after departing off Kayangan Port the ferry sank. The captain of Munawar was not in condition to answer the questions about the incident.