USA: Rolls-Royce - contract with U.S. Navy

By Curious

Rolls-Royce, the famous (with the luxurious cars) power systems company, has arranged a contract to supply power and propulsion systems for the 2 latest Littoral Combat Ships (U.S. Navy).
Created for operations in combat zones close to the shore (littoral waters), every of LCS vessels will be equipped with 2 Rolls-Royce MT30 gas turbines powering 4 large Mk1 water jets. This will allow the vessels to reach speed more than 40 knots.
This latest order is for ships named Little Rock and Sioux City, and continues to the Milwaukee and the Detroit, which are both under construction. Rolls-Royce now powers 2 Lockheed Martin Littoral Combat Ships, the USS Freedom, which was deployed 2 years early and the Fort Worth.
The MT30 is derived from Rolls-Royce aero engine technology and operating experience of 45 million hours. At 36 megawatts, it is the world’s most powerful marine gas turbine and has the highest power density – a key factor in naval propulsion.
The water jets are among the biggest produced by Rolls-Royce and can pump water at a combined rate of 25 000 gallons per second – enough to fill an Olympic style swimming pool in 25 seconds.
Besides the gas turbines and water jets, a serious range of Rolls-Royce equipment is specified in the Lockheed Martin design, including shaft lines, bearings and propulsion system software.