Merchant ship attacked by 8 pirate boats, rescued by Iran's Navy

By Accidents
An Iranian ship was rescued by the naval forces of Iran, as pirates attacked the merchant ship in the Arabian Sea.

The Iranian merchant ship was attacked by several armed pirates in the Gulf of Aden in the morning of Jan 9, 2014. The piracy attack was attempted by 8 boats that approached the Iranian freighter, told the 2nd-in-command to the deputy commander of the Iranian Navy, Admiral Shahram Irani.

Admiral Irani said that 28th naval flotilla of Iran rushed to help the distressed cargo ship, consisted of super-heavy Younes submarine, auxiliary vessel Bandar Abbas, Alborz destroyer and a Bell 212 Twin Huey helicopter.

All the pirates left instantly when they spotted the warships of the Iranian Navy.

The naval forces of Iran saved an oil tanker vessel from pirates in the Indian Ocean on Wednesday morning. The Iran's 28th naval flotilla responded to the distress call from the tanker ship, reporting 12 boats with armed pirates onbord, said Siavash Jarreh, Operations Rear Admiral of Iranian Navy.

The naval forces of Iran has been increasing its precense in the international waters in the recent years, in order to protect the international marine routes and ensure security for the transiting tanker and merchant ships.

Since 2008 the naval forces of Iran are conducting anti-piracy patrol in the Gulf of Aden in efforts to combat the piracy attacks in the region of Arabian Sea. Moreover, the Iranian Navy provide safeguard of ships involved in the maritime trade, particularly the tankers and vessels leased or owned by Iran.