Maersk Stepnica lost 33 containers with non hazardous goods in a storm in Bay of Biscay

By Vessels

Maersk Stepnica lost 33 containers because of a storm in the Bay of Biscay 3 days ago. The vessel was reported that departed from the Trinity Terminal in Felixstowe heading to Zeebrugge. Maersk Stepnica was with 22 crew members on board during the incident when 33 containers were lost. It is good to know that the containers were not loaded with hazardous goods. 

Maritime prefecture of the Atlantic warned mariners for the missing containers. Falcon 50 of the French Navy and a customs aircraft from Lann Bihoue were sent to find the missing cargo. A container, still in the water, that could pose a danger to the environment and navigation was discovered. The lost container was marked with a tag by a Navy team and soon after was hauled aboard by the "Argonaut". The vessel departed from Brest with French Navy divers and after taking aboard the missing cargo returned to Brest in the evening.