Evergreen Line with new 14,000 TEU eco-friendly vessels

By Vessels

Evergreen Line is not standing in one place and has signed a charter agreements for ten 14,000 TEU eco-friendly vessels. The renewal of the fleet plan will be finished after the companies Costamare and Shoei Kisen Kaisha provide each 5 14,000 TEU container ships until 2017. Evergreen Line is hoping with this contract to reduce carrier’s unit costs and to become more competitive on the market. The 10 new eco-friendly vessels deal was announced by Evergreen Marine Corp & its subsidiaries.

With this fleet renewal project, the new units will replace the existing vessels. The operating tonnage of Evergreen Line will not be increased. The new acquired ships will be equipped with new fuel saving technology. The fuel consumption will be reduced significantly compared with the vessels with the same size. The new ten 14,000 TEU eco-friendly ships will give advantage to the company (better operating performance). The vessels meet all environmental regulations. 

Evergreen Line includes 4 shipping companies part of the Evergreen Group: Evergreen Marine Corp. (Taiwan) Ltd., Italia Marittima S.p.A., Evergreen Marine (UK) Ltd. and Evergreen Marine (Hong Kong) Ltd. The company was created on May 1, 2007. Evergreen Line has the 5th largest container fleet in the world operating more than 180 vessels with capacity of 650,000 TEU.