Tugboat Pushy sinks, barge washes ashore in Nassau

By Accidents

Tugboat Pushy sank after hitting a 10-foot swell during a towing operation of a 125-foot barge that was washed ashore. The barge is now located onto the shores of Silver Point Beach after the failed towing operation in Atlantic Beach. The tug (26-foot) named Pushy did not manage to gain control after striking a swell when its towing line snapped. 

The barge was washed ashore at Silver Point County Park and also lost control after the tugboat sank. The larger vessel is transporting construction equipment. Both vessels were heading to Weeks Marine Shipyard in New York City after ending a job sandblasting and painting the Robert Moses Causeway Bridge. There are no injured people, all 3 crew members from the tug Pushy that sank were rescued by nearby tug called Susan Miller. One man from the barge was lifted by New York Police helicopter. 

U.S. Coast Guard officials are investigating the cause of the incident. The barge is to be removed from the beach. There is no danger for the marine environment as a result of the sinking of the tugboat Pushy.