Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force ship collided with a small fishing boat

By Accidents

A collision was reported between a Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force ship and a small private fishing boat. The Japanese Defense Ministry informed that the four crew members of the boat had to jump into the water off the coast of Hiroshima, two of them are in critical condition. All of the passengers were rescued by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force vessel (SDF).  

The incident occurred in the morning in the Seto Inland Sea, in western Japan, in a region with high marine traffic. One of the passengers of the fishing boat has said that their boat struck the left side of the SDF vessel. The Japan Coast Guard will try to discover what caused the accident. More details about the collision were revealed, the small boat was hit by the Osumi, a Maritime Self-Defense Force vessel.

Itsunori Onodera, the Japanese Minister of Defense has announced that the collision was regrettable and that the ministry will work together with the Japanese Coast Guard to resolve the case. 

The other two passengers of the fishing boat, that overturned and eventually sank, were announced to be conscious and in stable condition. One of the men in critical condition has been confirmed to be the captain.