3 Crew members Rescued after Windfarm ship Encountered Fire and Sank

By Accidents
Humber Coast Guard rescued 3 crew members after their ship encountered fire onboard on the afternoon of Jan 13, 2013 in Lowestoft, North Sea.

The accident occurred approximately 10 miles east of Lowestoft, UK. Crew members of the ECC Topaz 10 ship were safely rescued from the Humber coast guard team that was dispatched to assist. The windfarm ship was en route to a windfarm when the blaze struck aboard at around 1 p.m. Crew members succeeded to put the lifejackets and descend a liferaft into the water. They were forced to wait the Search & Rescue helicopter from RAF Wattisham to rescue them.

Crew members were transported from the RAF Wattisham helicopter to the hospital of James Paget University at Great Yarmouth. According to intial reports, all the 3 seamen are in good health condition without any serious injuries. It was also reported that the fuel of the burning windfarm ECC Topaz 10 vessel has probably burnt off before the ship sank.

The blaze onboard the ECC Topaz was really severe and the crew members couldn't extinguish the fire. They did not have another option, except to abandon the ship, told the Humber Coast Guard Watch Manager, Graham Dawson. Crew members had the proper lifesaving equipment and rescue resources were quickly on the place of the accident.

The cause of the fire onboard ECC Topaz is under investigation.