Order for next-generation Twin Axe FCS crew supplier vessel

By Vessels

The Dutch company Offshore Wind Services BV (OWS) is specialized in crew transfer vessels for the offshore wind industry. A new order is on the way of the next-generation Damen Twin Axe Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 2610. Moving crew or material from one location to another quickly and safely in rivers, harbors, coastal waters and offshore is crucial for maritime business nowadays. The new innovative design Sea Axe hull shape helps the vessel with unparalleled sea-keeping behavior.

The contract for building the new Twin Axe Fast Crew Supplier was signed at the end of last year. The machine is expected to be delivered in October 2014. This model of the vessel was presented on the market in 2011 and become an industry standard for the offshore wind market. The Damen Twin Axe Fast Crew Supplier (FCS) 2610 is able to sail in rough weather conditions, protecting the passengers and the cargo. New improvements have been made, places for technicians and crew have been modified. Pantry, changing room and a spare part area were designed to be more accessible at deck level. 

There were introduced also modifications to bow thrusters and gearboxes. For safety improvement, 8 CCTV cameras were installed to give the full picture of the decks and the whole vessel.