CSCL Spring, the first 'Home Grown' mega-container ship by China

By Curious

CSCL Spring, the name of the first mega container ship (10,000 TEU) completed independently from the beginning by a Chinese shipyard. The 'home grown' mega ship is developed, designed and manufactured only by China. For the maiden voyage, CSCL Spring arrived at Lianyungang Port on Jan 14. Current position and details of the mega container ship CSCL Spring you can find on VesselFinder web site =>

The vessel is long 335 metres, width 48 metres, deadweight tonnage of 121,800. With this construction project of the mega container ship, China becomes part of the few countries that are capable to construct such a machine all by itself.

Yu Fengping, general manager of DSIC, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Corp said about CSCL Spring:

"It marks a new leap in China's shipbuilding industry,"

Yu Fengping believes that the production of 10,000 TEU container ships was monopolized by shipbuilders from Europe, the United States, Japan, and South Korea. The vessel is ready to enter service for China Shipping Container Lines Co Ltd. CSCL Spring is constructed to travel 20,000 miles on one journey and is designed of carrying 10,036 TEUs.

New regulations (will be implemented in 2025) require reduction of carbon emissions, this mega container ship is energy efficient and meet the standards. Different test showed that the vessel reached or exceeded the contract design requirements for speed, fuel consumption, vibration etc. Low fuel consumption is a crucial factor for being competitive on the world shipping market. DSIC is focused on manufacturing large-sized ships relying on low energy consumption and performance.

In the moment China is preparing and even have completed the design of 14,000 TEU, 16,000 TEU and 18,000 TEU container ships. The projects for the vessels is completely done only by China. DSIC also designed DSJ300/350/400 type jack-up drilling platforms. Other project that the Chinese company have finished is the launching of the eco-friendly 319,000-ton VLCC with world-leading speed and fuel consumption indicators. China hopes that all this kind of vessels are needed by the shipping market.