New ship sailing technology developed by Eco Marine Power (EMP) in Japan

By Curious

The Japanese company Eco Marine Power (EMP) created a new ship sailing technology named EnergySail after series of successful tests made in Osaka. The patent-pending invention could be put into practice like a stand-alone device or in group of eight. 

New ship sailing technology, really?

EnergySail project is a platform that uses wind and sun renewable energy to power a ship. All lab tests that were made were in cooperation with the Japan Ship Machinery & Equipment Association (JSMEA). The ship technology was improved further by using a device to defend the ship from strong wind currents. The reliability of the control algorithms of the device was tested in a lab. Japanese companies involved in the project are trying to completely automate the process with the help of a computer control system (the development of this system is managed by EMP and KEI System of Osaka, Japan). 

The director of Eco Marine Power (EMP), Greg Atkinson, announced that the results received from the tests are good, which encourage the company's project design and device decisions. 

Atkinson added:

"We have also been encouraged by some very positive feedback that we have received from a number of shipping companies and the increasing interest from companies and organisations around the world in the technologies we are developing,"

Before selling the new ship sailing technology, Eco Marine Power (EMP) will make sea trails on the system. The system developed by the Aquarius MRE System (using EnergySail to decrease fuel consumption on vessels such as passenger ferries, cruise ships, bulk ore carriers and oil tankers) will also be implemented and additionally tested.

The modern usage of renewable energy sources everywhere is a way to save money and to fight the issues of pollution, energy security and climate change. Using renewable and alternative energy on ships is becoming this years a trend. Shipping industry considers ways to reduce fuel consumption not only to save money but also to be more responsible to the environment. There is a concept that is getting more and more popular nowadays: Green Shipping (or Sustainable Shipping).