Ferry BJL I capsized in Jakarta, passengers and crew safe

By Accidents

Ferry BJL I was docked in Tanjung Priok port, Jakarta when capsized and sank along the berth, 3 days ago. All 85 passengers and crew members are safe. The ferry BJL I is long 60 meters and began taking on water starboard side. The vessel started to develop list and became unstable. As you can see from the photos, the ferry capsized and is resting full port-side on the bottom with part of the hull above the water. 

Passengers and crew members had time to leave the vessel, but there are 44 vehicles on board. All of the people had time to go to the quay before the BJL I capsized.

It was reported that some diesel fuel was seen in the water. Local authorities had to place an oil boom around the location of the incident to avoid spreading of the pollution.