Sunken Ship is Leaking Fuel off Alaska

By Accidents
Responders in cooperation with professionals from the Safety Department of the Ketchikan Coast Guard are trying to tender the oil pollution from the 60-foot vessel Silver Bay II that was reported to have sunken at its moorings. The accident occurred on Wednesday in Wrangell, Alaska along Zimovia Strait.

Owner of the sunken steel-hulled former tug ship Silver Bay II, has hired water divers to make an evaluation and asses the ship and its fuel tanks. However, the bad weather condition delayed the timely arriving of the salvage company and the diving actions were suspended. On the scene of the accident, Ketchikan Coast Guard  staff are working in cooperation with the sunke ship's Silver Bay II owner, Environmental Conservation Department of Alaska and other state, local and federal agencies in order to make a plan for response.

Ketchikan Coast Guard was informed for the Silver Bay II sinking of its owner on Wednesday, Jan 15, 2014. The sunken ship Silver Bay II that was in service as a recreational ship sank with around 3,500 gallons of diesel aboard, in almost 40-meters of water.

Investigators from the Ketchikan Safety Department conducted an overflight of the area around the sunken ship Silver Bay II and noted a sheen, which was extending a few kilometers away of Silver Bay II.

“Our primary concern is the safety of the responders as they work to mitigate any existing pollution and assess the vessel,” said Cmdr. Marc Burd, chief of response at Coast Guard Sector Juneau. “Coast Guard personnel are on site with the responders to resolve this sinking with as little impact to the environment as possible and we are communicating with ADEC and all our other partner agencies as we move forward.”

It was rainy with 17-23 miles per hour winds and the temperature was 7.8°C at the time of the accident.

The cause of the accident with Silver Bay II is still to be investigated.