Storm caused discovery of cocaine smuggle on Maersk Niteroi container

By Curious

140kg cocaine were found on a container aboard Maersk Niteroi. The illegal cargo was discovered accidentally in Berlin on Jan 6, 2014. The drugs were in a container with bananas (1150kg) and had to arrive in Rotterdam.

How the drugs were found?

Maersk Niteroi had to leave Santa Marta, Colombia on Dec 10, 2013, but bad weather conditions (stormy weather) did not allow the vessel to depart and had to wait for 6 days. The receiver of the cargo decided not to take it due to the one week delay. 

Maersk Niteroi then left Rotterdam and continued to Hamburg (the vessel arrived on Dec 27) with the bananas and the drugs on board. The bananas were sold and distributed to the supermarkets where workers discovered 7 boxes with cocaine-bags.