29 rescued as ship Sportivo sinks off Iloilo, Philippines

By Vessels

The cargo ship M/V Sportivo sank in the waters off Iloilo, Philippines, yesterday. Fortunately, all 29 crew members were rescued. Passenger pump boats on the voyage Iloilo-Guimaras saved the people of the sinking ship. M/V Sportivo was carrying 28,000 sacks of fertilizer during the incident.

Information from the reports shows that the vessel was at anchor along the Iloilo Strait in order to avoid bad weather (Tropical Depression Agaton). 

M/V Sportivo had to reach Palawan and made an attempt to continue its voyage, but unfortunately was caught in huge waves and including engine problems that ended as a disaster. The captain of the ship explained that the M/V Sportivo started drifting and hit another cargo vessel the M/V Jehan 5 (anchored in the time of the accident).

M/V Sportivo was damaged (hole in the hull) and sank for 15 minutes. After the sinking of the vessel, reports were received by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)-Iloilo Station informing for suspected oil spill in the area of the incident. Investigation will reveal if the spill is from the M/V Sportivo or it is just a waste oil. The owner was informed for the accident and was advised to start a salvage operation. 

The other cargo vessel involved in the incident, Jehan 5, was slightly damaged. In the are there were several ships anchored because of the bad weather.