World's biggest container ship (19,000 TEU) ordered by China Shipping

By Curious

World's biggest container ship (19,000 TEU) has been ordered by CHINA Shipping Container Lines (CSCL). Only one container ship is not enough, the Chinese company ordered 5 19,000-TEU ships which will be delivered by Hyundai Heavy Industries. The world’s biggest container ships so far are the 18,270-TEU Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller, Majestic Maersk, the Mary Maersk and the Marie Maersk.

The vessels were conceived as 18,400 TEU, but after a planed upgrade they will become 19,000 TEU at CSCL's request. Hyundai Heavy Industries informed that the first of the world’s biggest container ships will be delivered in November. How the container ships will look like? Each of the mega-ships will boast a 400-metre deck, while standing 30.5 metres high and 58.6 metres wide. The size record will be broken compared to the 18,000 TEUer Daewoo Shipbuilding had built for Maersk. 

The Chinese shipowner asked for upgrade of the five 18,400 TEU container ships to 19,000-TEU, after that the vessels will be capable to carry 600 additional containers. When the container ships enter service they will be the world’s largest container ships ever built. Can you imagine the engine of such ship giant?

The design features a 77,200 bhp electronically-controlled main engine and two EcoBallast seawater treatment systems. The main engine will be constructed in a way to minimize fuel consumption, reduce noise, vibrations and carbon emissions by automatically managing fuel usage to suit sailing speed. There is also an EcoBallast system that can treat 3,000 m3 of seawater per hour by filtering and sterilizing bacteria and plankton bigger than 50 µm with ultraviolet rays.

The world’s biggest container ship will be 400.0 m in length, 58.6 m in width and 30.5 m in depth. The rest of the 19,000-TEU container ships will be delivered in 2015.