KM Sahabat ferry sinks in Jakarta, 7 people missing

By Accidents

The ferry KM Sahabat sank in Jakarta (Indonesia) waters on Tuesday morning. Police and rescue teams are still searching for 7 people gone missing after the incident. It was reported that 3 passengers and 4 of the crew members disappeoff offared during the sinking of the KM Sahabat. The ferry was carrying 139 people (26 crew members) and was heading to Tanjung Pinang in Bangka-Belitung. 

Rescue teams of the Water Police are still trying to find the missing people. Police reports show that only 132 people were rescued. An investigation is taking place to determine the cause of the tragic incident. Crew members of KM Sahabat have been questioned by the police.

The ferry sank 22 miles off Tanjung Priok Port and was carrying not only passengers, but also a number of cars and motorcycles. Crew members pointed that after KM Sahabat left Tanjung Priok it was raining, but weather conditions were good.