Video conferencing trial for Somali pirates

By Piracy

The 120 Somalian pirates who are at the moment lodged at Taloja Jail will will face trial via video transmission.
As we know, six vans and around forty people will be needed to take care of the pirates.
“It is a waste of time, as well as manpower,” the court noted, while passing the oral order.
As it was problematic for the police forces and the court to accommodate all the pirates. It was convenient to use a video because the jail in which they are lodged, had a webcam installed in the prison.
Some of the witnesses are high ranking officials of the Navy and it is not possible for them to to be there for the hearings due to official reasons.
The Sewri court has divided the accused under sections of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), Arms Act, in addition to attempt to murder, unlawful assembly, criminal intimidation, criminal conspiracy, kidnapping and for carrying weapons under the Indian Penal Code. They have also been accused for waging war against the Government of India.