World's Biggest Surveillance Ship to be Build in China

By Vessels
Biggest surveillance vessel in the world with displacement of 10,000 tonnes will be built in China, reported news agencies.

After its completion China will become the country with the world's largest surveillance ship ahead from Japan.

According to reports from China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), its subsidiary Shanghai Marine Equipment Research Institute (704 Institute), a giant shipbuilding company, had signed a contract at the end of 2013 for almost $46 million to build the world's largest surveillance ship.

As to the contract, the giant shipbuilder has to build a 4,000-tonne surveillance ship and a 10,000-tonne patrol vessel. However, there is still no information on whether the new ship will be quipped with remote weapon systems, like world's largest patrol ship Shikishima (PLH 31), operated by the Japan Coast Guard.

Currently, the largest patrol ship of China is Haijian 50 with full displacement of 4,000 tonnes while the Japanese patrol vessel Shikishima is 7,175-tonne.

China Shipbuilding State Corporation (CSSC) delivered the Haijian 50 patrol ship to State Oceani Administration (SOA) in 2011 to patrol in the East regions of China Sea because of the territory disputes over Diaoyu Island, known also as Snekaku in Japan between China and Japan.

The 704 research institution spent over 1 year in development of the new 10,000-tonne patrol ship, and just completed the simulation of building of a clutch rack for the giant surveillance vessel.

Currently, the maritime fleet of Beijing has 27 surveillance vessel with at least 1,000-tonne that patrol in the South and East China seas. There are some of the patrol ships equipped with helicopters and light weapons onboard. According to news agency reports, there are another thirty-six patrol ships under construction since 2012.