Ghost ship Lyubov Orlova could be heading to Britain or Ireland full with cannibal rats

By Curious

The 'ghost' Russian cruise liner Lyubov Orlova that was lost in the Atlantic could be sailing to the Britain's coast (due to recent storms). The vessel may be full of infested rats carrying various diseases. The MV Lyubov Orlova went adrift while it was being towed to a scrap yard a year ago.

British Coast Guard believes that the danger is real and the ghost ship could reach Britain or Ireland. If the hundreds of rats-cannibals reach land after a year in the open sea, it could turn to a disaster for the population.

Lyubov Orlova is 4,250-ton liner which entered service in 1976, later in 1998 was refitted for sailing in the Antarctic. The owner of the 'ghost' ship had to pay debts, but did not have money and left the ship for scrap in Canada (2010). Lyubov Orlova had to sail to the Dominican Republic, but after a towline snapped the ship vanished in the Atlantic without being followed by current owners. At first the ship was believed sunk in open sea, but there are reports that the Lyubov Orlova was seen near Scotland and Iceland recently.

The story of the ship is attracting more and more public attention. The rat-infested Lyubov Orlova is a gold mine, the ship is estimated $1 million as scrap metal. A Maritime and Coastguard Agency spokesman announced that there is no information since April for the 'ghost' ship. Irish Coast Guard also does not have recent news about Lyubov Orlova.