Eimskip will in early April temporarily adjust the Company’s container sailing system. The adjustments are part of Eimskip’s operational measures to respond to effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The adjusted sailing system will provide similar service level from key ports with the shortest transit time available from continental Europe, Scandinavia and UK to Iceland and Faroe Islands.

Eimskip makes adjustments to its container sailing system

In relation to these adjustments the Company will operate two fewer container vessels and off hire Godafoss and Laxfoss earlier than previously planned which will lower fixed operating cost.  Eimskip will formally start to operate the new sailing system in early April.

Key highlights:

  • Temporary changes to the sailing schedule allow for similar service level from key ports
  • Shortest available transit time from continental Europe, Scandinavia and UK to Iceland and Faroe Islands
  • Shortest available transit time from Iceland to UK, Scandinavia and Baltics
  • Express service in export of fresh and frozen seafood from Faroe Islands to UK and Rotterdam
  • Fast transit time to Rotterdam and Bremerhaven from Iceland
    The Icelandic coast serviced by a combination of land and sea transportation
  • Number of vessels in the container liner system reduced by two, from ten to eight
  • Focus on operational efficiency to maintain the Company’s financial strength

This is a temporary sailing system which Eimskip will operate until the Royal Arctic Line cooperation commences which is scheduled in late Q2 2020.

Vilhelm Már Þorsteinsson, CEO: “In current business environment we are especially aware of the Company’s role as an important infrastructure company in our core markets in the North Atlantic and in our customers logistic chains. The adjusted sailing system is a temporary measure due to current situation and I am pleased to see that we will maintain a strong import and export service to and from Iceland and Faroe Islands. We realize the shift from fresh fish products to frozen, and therefore adjust the service accordingly. At the same time, we focus on maintaining the express service for fresh products into Iceland and Faroe Islands. Eimskip has taken various measures to ensure the safety of employees and at the same time secure its extensive service towards customers during this unprecedented time.”

Source: Eimskip