US Crude Output Above 6mb/d

By Finance

Latest information from the EIA show US crude production come to 6.09 mb/d in January, the first time volumes have been more than 6 mb/d since December 1998 when it reached 6.04 mb/d, data information from Energy Intel.
Domestic crude production was up from 5.97 mb/d in December 2011 and 5.53 mb/d in January 2011. Recent data confirm that output from shales and other ‘tight’ rock formations maintain an increase in domestic volumes, most distinctly in Texas and North Dakota.

Texas produced 1.67 mb/d in January, its highest monthly average since November 1993 and up from 1.31 mb/d in January 2011. North Dakota overpasses California as the 3d-biggest producing state after Texas and Alaska with volumes of 546 kb/d.