DP World London Gateway: First UK port to Lift 4 TEUs at once time

By Curious
First UK port that will be able to handle 4 TEUs, simultaneously will be DP World London Gateway.

UK shippers will be already advantaged of the new spreader that will be able to handle 4 TEUs or 2 FEUs, at once. This result will double the crane's capacity for container handling and will increase the productivity and efficiency.

Andrew Bowen, Engineering Director said: “This is an excellent example of DP World innovation at London Gateway.  We’ve engineered a system that allows us to double the number of containers we move safely and quickly.”

“By introducing the tandem lift for two forty foot containers to our operations, we will be able to improve productivity that will allow vessels to be turned around faster and cargo to move on to its final destination more efficiently.  The culture at DP World London Gateway encourages us to innovate and improve supply chains and we look forward to continuous improvements in the future.”

“We have already enhanced the size of the cranes to be some of the largest in the world, capable of handling the largest vessels in the world. They also come with cutting edge automation technology,” said Bowen.

MOL Caledon was the first ship that called London Gateway as part of its SAECS service, on November 7, 2013.

London Gateway land side operations were open, despite severe weather condition over the period around Christmas. Moreover, there were 4 port calls to London gateway after the rough weather caused vessels to change their port call schedules. According to reports, one of the vessels was the 367-metre-long container vessel Maersk Gudrun, which is the world's first ever sailed on Thames.