Shocking Video: Barge Crushed Passenger vessel in a Fatal Accident

By Accidents
Along with Titanic, Costa Concordia and many other shocking accidents here is one of the worst collisions ever happened. A sluge barge towed by a tug vessel in July 2010 was plowed into a disabled, 33-foot pleasure vessel on the Delaware river. The barge vessel plunged the passenger ship under water line with 35 passengers and 2 crew members aboard. The tragic accident took 2 victims.

The mate that was operating the tug boat, did not maintain appropriate lookout while towing the vessel up the Delaware river. According to the report revealed by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the mate was not attentive to his duties in the navigation process of the vessel. The tug boat mate had been communicating with his family through his laptop and cell phone, which lead to collision with the passenger vessel and the death of 2 people. The tug vessel mate was navigating the barge with limited visibility of the channel ahead from the lower wheel house, instead of navigating from the upper wheel house.

You can read the entire report of the National Transportation Safety Board HERE.

Here is the shocking Video where the barge vessel crushes the passenger ship: