US Navy introduces M/V Cape Ray to neutralize Syrian chemical materials

By Vessels

M/V Cape Ray is used by the U.S. Department of Defense in the operation to destroy the Syria's chemical weapons material program. It is a transport ship for a Field Deployable Hydrolysis System created to transform chemical weapons into compounds that will not be used for military destruction. Many countries and people are working from months to get ready the vessel M/V Cape Ray for the important mission to neutralize Syrian chemical weapons with a hydrolysis technology.

Governments and contract personnel have worked to contribute for this important project to finish. The United States is working constantly to eliminate the threat of the chemical imminence. Syria's chemical materials are a priority because of the safety of people, protection of the environment and world peace. The country has to follow procedures of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). The waste from the operation will be transported to a special facilities in order the origin of the chemicals to be discovered. M/V Cape Ray must not dispose of the chemical materials into the sea or air, international regulations and law have to be followed.

M/V Cape Ray is specially-equipped (2 large portable hydrolysis systems installed to neutralize the Syrian chemical materials) naval ship, which is 650-foot (197.5 meter) long. The vessel is sailing from Norfolk (on the Virginia coast) to southern port of Gioia Tauro. Disposing of world's largest arsenal of chemical weapons at sea is a unique mission. No one has tried to do such a complicated and dangerous operation to help the world to become a safer place to live. M/V Cape Ray had small engine problems and the ship departed later than planned. The vessel has a small team of 35 civilians during the sailing and the team will become 63 people when the operation starts. Syria agreed all chemical weapons to be destroyed by June 30. The most dangerous of them will be neutralized on the US ship M/V Cape Ray at sea because no one wanted to start a sea operation of this kind. The ship will load the chemicals on an Italian port and then will sail to an unknown location to destroy the chemical arsenal. The operation could take from 45 to 90 days according to the Pentagon.