US vessel attacked by pirates

By Vessels

Pirates attacked the ship with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons near the coast of Somalia.
The bandits damaged the Liberty Sun, which was transporting a cargo of food aid, but were not able to board it.
The vessel asked for assistance from the American warship involved in the rescue of a US captain seized last week.
Pirates have wanted to avenge the deaths of those killed in recent rescue actions by US and French forces.
Regardless of renewed US calls to stop piracy, 4 more ships have been successfully seized over the past 2 days.
After being attacked the vessel instantly requested assistance from the USS Bainbridge.
The navy destroyer came a few hours later, by which time the pirates had gone.
The crew and the vessel are safe. No injuries.
The vessel did suffered some damage but was capable to continue its journey to (from Houston) Mombasa.
In the 48 hours prior to the latest attack, 4 vessels have been hijacked in the same area:
A Lebanese-owned cargo ship, the MV Sea Horse, was captured by gunmen in up to 4 skiffs.
A Greek-owned bulk carrier, the MV Irene.
Two Egyptian fishing boats.
Last year, according to data from the International Maritime Bureau, about 23,000 ships passed through the Gulf of Aden only 92 were hijacked.