Singapore port collision between the container ship NYK Themis and the barge AZ Fuzhou

By Accidents

The container ship NYK Themis collided with the barge AZ Fuzhou at East Keppel Fairway. This is a second ship collision for the last 2 days. Earlier there was a crash between a chemical tanker and a boxship at the same port. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) explained that the container ship crashed into the barge at about 4km south of Marina South. In the time of the accident the barge was being towed by the tug AZ Carnation.

NYK Themis was slightly damaged (bunker tankers) and the result was a spillage of bunker fuel. The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) responded quickly to the oil spill and had sent MPA crafts to take control over the situation. Oil spill companies in the area were also informed to take part in the cleaning of the spillage.

Hopefully the 2 vessels involved in the collision are in stable condition and are anchored. Port operations are not affected by the crash, no injuries have been reported. A day before this collision, a Hong Kong-flagged chemical tanker and a China-flagged container ship also collided in Singapore waters. There was also a bunker fuel spillage.