Running Fuel contraband by Sea

By Curious

The water is a good way for trading petrol from Nigeria to West Africa. Legally bought in Nigeria, the fuel is loaded onto boats and transported to Togo in the dark hours of the night.
Some men, women and children dive into the sea and come back with containers which have been towed to shore by swimmers. Fuel is cheaper in Nigeria in reference to its neighbours as the government subsidises its price.
Every day deliveries provide an alternative supply to Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso and Mali. The fuel is sold at up to 30% cheaper than at the licensed pumps.
To stay sure that their priceless stock stays secure, young men take turns living in a small room with the fuel that has been smuggled out of Nigeria.
The price for a full barrel can be worth up to $300. Nigeria says the fuel subsidy costs the money more than $8 billions a year, and tried to cut it in January, but changed its decision because of a nationwide strike.