Infographic: World's Most Dangerous Seas

By Curious
Among the world's most dangerous seas can line up East Indies, South China Sea, North Sea, Black Sea and British Isles with the biggest number of incidents in the recent 15 years, reported World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

In almost half of the accidents are involved cargo ships, while fishing boats makes up almost 1/4 of all accidents at sea, revealed scientists of Southampton Solent University (SSU).

All explored accidents are linked to aging, weather condition and poorly-maintained vessels, as well as disregard for safety regulations.

There is another important factor we should draw attention to - the environmental risk. Some of the most susceptible marine environments are around the hotspot areas of shipwrecks. Oil spills are also significantly polluting the ocean and coastal regions.

According to the WWF report, the situation is even worsen in the recent years as global fleet becomes bigger and weather patterns worsen, as well.

Authors of the study said that climate change models, which reveal increased storm surge, changing wave and wind patterns and extreme weather events are probably to exacerbate the risk of foundering, defined as sinking due to bad weather, leaks, or damage not due to collision.

There are some thoughts of our readers, commenting the question "Which is the WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS SEA? Do you think Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour in South China Sea may be one of them?"

Not even close - the Hong Kong Marine Department VTS is very reliable and efficient. Those are not the easiest waters to navigate but not more dangerous than other major harbors. One of the most dangerous waters to navigate are the Philippine waters due to chaos and lack of enforcement. And Singapore due to heavy ship traffic. - Jon Olafsson.
No wonder, the winds from two nations(Japan-China) meet there! - Sailor Mani.

Here is an infographic that shows what the number of accidents in the world's riskiest waters is: