5 Filipino seafarers caught in a storm off Spain rescued

By Accidents

5 Filipino seafarers have been rescued by the Spanish Coast Guard after their boat Esnaad 715 was in the middle of a sea storm. With the help of a helicopter, the seafarers in trouble were rescued off the coast of Spain. According to authorities, fresh sea gales were growing in the region. A helicopter lifted all of the crew members of the Emirates-flagged supply ship Esnaad 715. The vessel was caught in a storm and was in great danger of sinking at about 50 NM  from the port La Coruna.

The bad weather was a big obstacle for the rescue operation with southeasterly winds of 45 knots (50 mph or 80 kmh). The Spanish Coast Guard had transported the seafarers to the nearby port of Viveiro. In order to be aware of the condition of the vessel, the Coast Guard sent a tugboat to determine if the storm had damaged the supply ship. The ship of the five Filipino seafarers was sailing from the Netherlands to Abu Dhabi. Authorities warned about storm tides and strong winds with possible snow on some locations. There is an information for a boy lost to sea as the storm swooped part of the Spanish coast in Galicia and northwestern regions. The waves are higher than 10 meters (33 feet).