VIDEO - Spanish cargo ship Luno breaks in two off the French coast

By Vessels
A Spanish-flagged, 3446 GT general cargo ship, LUNO hit a dike south-west of French port city Bayonne and broke in two. High winds blowing up to 110km/h and rough weather condition caused engine failure, followed by loss of power of the cargo ship and eventually LUNO broke in two and sank.

The shipwreck of broke in two cargo ship LUNO lies just a few meters away from the beach. There is an oil leak spotted around the sunken cargo ship LUNO and the local marine authorities are triggering an anti-maritime pollution plan.

According to initial reports, one was injured and dozen other crew members were rescued by 2 helicopters dispatched at the place of the accident from the French Coast Guard. The broke in two cargo ship LUNO sank near the French-Spanish border, at Bayonne port.

At the time of the accident the sunken cargo ship LUNO that broke in two, was transporting fertiliser. There is no information of the load weight. According to Anglet town hall officials statement, the LUNO ship encountered an engine problem after she departed the port.

Current position of cargo ship LUNO

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