Detained Turkish bulk carrier "Hacinin Ahmet" to be auctioned

By Vessels

The seized bulk carrier "Hacinin Ahmet" operated by Kutup Shipping & Trading of Istanbul is moored for many months in the port of Ponta Delgada and will be auctioned. The ship is in the Azores since 2012 and port authority will try to sell the ship, which is apparently abandoned by the owner and part of the crew members, 6 people are still on board hoping to receive their salaries. Hacinin Ahmet is without a captain and agents apparently also abandoned the vessel which was seized for unpaid bills and later it appeared that when the ship was brought to the port she already had mechanical problems.

The Turkish bulk carrier is detained at the port because of the order coming from the Ports of Azores authority. It is suspected that the owner abandoned the ship because of many legal problems with debts. Since Hacinin Ahmet had mechanical problems it was impossible to sail away. According to legal deadline the ship had to be pronounced abandoned and being without an agent and a captain, Ports of the Azores authority proclaimed the vessel to be lost and it is considered to be in favor of the Portuguese State, by abandonment. It is impossible the owner of the Hacinin Ahmet to be contacted and for this reason the vessel is proclaimed lost and will be given to creditors.

When entered the port of Ponta Delgada the ship broke down and had to be repaired by the shipowner who tried to contact the ship, but never did this through the ports of the Azores. Both sides could reach negotiation, but... The administrator of the Azores Ports, Filipe Macedo wanted this case to be finished quickly as possible. Hacinin Ahmet is moored and is taking place in the port of Ponta Delgada. Mr. Macedo informed for a similar case in the past which was quickly resolved. It was taken a decision by a court the vessel Hacinin Ahmet to be sold.

Part of the crew members abandoned Hacinin Ahmet and they do not have the right to receive money from the shipowner. Those six people on board the Turkish bulk carrier are not abandoned by local IPSS and are being supplied with food and clothing.

Every year many seafarers are under the danger of not being paid, many are left stranded with no supplies of food, water, money clothing. Not a small number of seafarers from Asian, African and Eastern European countries are hoping to receive regular salary at sea when boarding a ship, but sometimes that turns into a sea nightmare. If a salary is delayed that is the first sign that the owner (or operator) of the ship has financial difficulties and expecting month after month for the salary becomes useless, there are only empty promises of pay. Such bad shipowners do not provide even basic means of survival. International conventions says that in cases of abandonment it is actually the responsibility of a ship’s flag state to arrange and pay for a crew’s voyage back home.