Italy's navy rescues 1123 migrants in one day

By Accidents

1,123 migrants have been rescued by Italy's navy just for one day. People from North Africa attempted to reach Europe in inflatable boats. Migration from North Africa is at its highest level. Latest passengers were discovered in 8 boats and a barge 220km south-east of the largest island of the Italian Pelagie Islands in the Mediterranean Sea Lampedusa. Navy informed for 47 women (some of them pregnant) and 50 children, suspected coming from sub-Saharan Africa.

There is information for a tragic incident at sea when at least 7 migrants drowned attempting to reach the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in North Africa. The victims were reported to be 6 men and a woman, their bodies were discovered on a beach in Morocco. Many people from Africa tried to enter Spain yesterday. Moroccan coastguard was able to rescue 150 people reporting that the rest swam back to the coast (Ceuta officials reported for 400 migrants trying to reach the shore). Apparently all migrants who died were from sub-Saharan Africa. 

Italy registered for the last month more than 2,000 migrants successfully reached the country, compared to January this registered number is 10 times bigger. The Italian government informed for a huge wave of migrants by sea registered for last year, the number for 2013 is 42,925, compared to 2012, there are three times more arrivals by sea. Many people perished attempting to reach the Italian shore, the exact number is unknown. Only in October 2013 400 died when their boats (2) sank near Lampedusa, the closest point to Italy from North Africa. 

2 days ago, navy ships and helicopters started a rescue operation and all migrants in danger were sent to an amphibious assault ship, the San Marco. It was planned, the migrants to arrive at the Sicilian port of Augusta.

If the migrants reach Italian territory they become eligible for claiming asylum. Almost 3/4 asylum applications are rejected in the European Union in 2012. Spanish media informed that this was the first attempt at a mass border crossing this year. The migrants were making desperate efforts to leave Morocco. According to media none of the asylum seekers reached Ceuta.