Massive blaze at the Port of Savannah in Georgia, USA

By Accidents

There is a massive blaze fuelled by 5,600 tons of rubber at the US Port of Savannah in Georgia. The black smoke caused by the fire could be seen from a long distance. The fire is burning inside a warehouse with area 226,000 square feet. The flames are under control according to the fire department, but in their opinion it will take a while the flames to burn out.

Savannah Fire and Emergency Services spokesman Mark Kelle announced 5 hours after the start of the fire:

"It is contained. Will it burn all night? There’s no telling. It’s solid blocks of rubber that are burning."

In the fight with the flames were used industrial pumps taking water from the Savannah River and to blast it through water cannons. There are no injured workers and the cause of the fire is not known for the moment. Evacuation of the people working near the fire incident was not mandatory, but the authorities are informing people to stay inside the buildings and to avoid exposure of the smoke from the flames. All residents or tourists should avoid being out. Authorities are aware that people will not cancel dinner reservations or shopping trips:

"If you’re finished at the restaurant or finished with shopping, go back to your hotel room or go home."

Firefighters will start an investigation of the incident as soon it is possible to get close enough. Police had to close some streets near the port terminal, the traffic in the area is slow due the smoke. Police spokesman Julian Miller said:

"We’re not worried about the fire getting over there at this point. It’s the smoke. It’s going to be heavy, oily and ugly."

The Port of Savannah is one of the busiest seaports for containerised cargo in the country. The Ocean Terminal (200 acres) is used for the transport of farm equipment and other heavy machinery as well as cars and bulk goods such as wood products and steel.