AIS VIDEO Replay - Collision between ship Hammonia Thracium and tanker Zoey in Singapore Strait

By Accidents

A third ship collision in recent days in Singapore Strait lead to a bunker spill. The container ship Hammonia Thracium and tanker Zoey collided yesterday in 7:35 UTC time (15:35 local time) off Sebarok Island (about 10km south of mainland Singapore). AIS data shows that (video of AIS data replay of the ships collision available below) the Liberia-flagged vessel Hammonia Thracium left the port and the Port Operations Control Centre gave maritime traffic information to both vessels. The tanker Zoey was also informed that Hammonia Thracium was crossing the traffic lane.

As a result of the crash, the container ship Hammonia Thracium reported that one of her bunker tanks sustained damage and 80 metric tonnes of bunker fuel went into the water. Maritime authorities reacted quickly to deal with the spillage and sent a patrol craft and local companies to eliminate the damage for the environment.

The two ships are in good condition and are out of Singapore’s port for the moment. It was announced that port operations are not affected by the collision. The cause of the incident is not known for the moment, there is an investigation to determine who is guilty.

Containership Hammonia Thracium