Italy warns India of European response about the trial of two Italian marines

By Curious

Italy is furious over the decision of India to put on trial 2 Italian marines accused of murdering 2 fishermen under an anti-piracy law. The Italian Prime Minister announced that this decision is unacceptable and that European Union will take all legal actions against this trial. Al is about a case off the Kerala coast in 2012 when the two Italian marines were doing their job to protect an Italian oil tanker from piracy. The 2 security guards took the fishermen for pirate and opened fire. 

The case is going to the India's Supreme Court soon. Italy and India started a discussion in February 2012 when the two guards (Massimilian Latorre and Salvatore Girone) were arrested on suspicion of murder. Despite the heavy accusations the two marines were allowed to go to Italy for February 2013 elections. In the beginning Italy did not want the men to go back to India, a decision was taken the guards of the vessels to be tried in their country because the incident occurred in international waters. In the end the marines were sent back to India in March 2013.

The two Italian guards were charged under the Suppression of Unlawful Acts (SUA) maritime security law which according to Italy’s deputy foreign minister Staffan de Mistura is "unacceptable". The Italian government is against the use of the concept of terrorism in this case. It is unfair to call terrorists two military representatives of a friendly country.

In the beginning of the case, the two marines faced death penalty according to the part of the SUA, now a different section carries threat of a maximum punishment of ten years in prison. Italy is also not happy with the speed of the case. India claims that the case is delayed in order witnesses who were on board the ship were unable to provide evidence.