COSCO to Demolish container ship after its Collision with a tanker

By Accidents
COSCO is going to scrap container ship Fei He that collided with a tanker vessel off Singapore in January, 2014.

Spokesperson of COSCO announced that bunker tanks of the vessel sustained damages after the collision and they are going to scrap the ship through bidding.

The Chinese-flagged cargo ship Fei He collided with the Hong Kong-rigestered tanker vessel Lime Galaxy, 2.7 kilometers south of Juron Island on January 30th, 2014.

Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) dispatched 3 patrol vessels on the scene of the collision between Fei He and Lime Galaxy to assist. Fei He reported bunker oil leak as it sustained damage to her bunker tank. Oil spill response companies were also ready to assist in cleaning up efforts of the polluted waters.

Tanker ship Lime Galaxy as well as the cargo vessel Fei He are currently anchored, reported in stable condition without any risk of sinking. According to the reports, there are no injured people in the collision between both vessels and the Singapore Strait traffic remains unaffected.

The cause of the collision between Fei He and Lime Galaxy to be investigated.