Offshore jack-up vessel producing is getting started

By Vessels

The shipyard Sietas, Hamburg which is based in Germany started the construction of the 1-st sections and blocks of an offshore wind power jack-up ship for the Dutch marine engineering firm Van Ord. Sietas is the 1-st German shipyard to build such a special-purpose ship.
The type 187 ship is 139m long, has a breadth of 38m, a draught of
5.7m and is going to achieve a speed more than 12 knots. The Neuenfelder Maschinenfabrik (NMF) is going to equip the newbuilding with an offshore special crane to elevate a 900-tonne load with a reach of 30m up to a height of 120m above the water. The transport capacity of the ship is up to 6,500 tonnes, and it can work in water depths of up to 45m. The newbuilding is going to accommodate 74 crew members and is developed to be used far from the coast in wind parks. The delivery is scheduled for the spring of 2013. Van Oord has an option for a second ship of the same type.
The engineering company 1-st placed the order in December 2010 with the Sietas shipyard, which was only able to execute the order in the context of the insolvency proceedings with a new agreement. The new order was then placed in February 2012.