Former cryptologist technician on US submarines jailed for attempted espionage for Russia

By Curious

An ex-US Navy sailor has been jailed for 30 years for sending top secret files about tracking ships to Russia. Robert Hoffman (the name of the ex-cryptologist technician on US submarines) was sent to prison for attempted espionage. The story looks like a movie scenario, but it is true. Robert Hoffman (40) was detained in December 2012 and was found guilty in 2013. The former US Navy sailor was sentenced by a federal court in Norfolk, Virginia.

The man was found guilty for passing secret information to suspected Russian spies. In the end it was revealed that those were FBI agents working under cover. Prosecutors informed that the ex-sailor was passing very sensitive information about tracking ships. Acting assistant attorney General John Carlin announced after the case:

"By attempting to hand over some of America’s most closely held military secrets, Robert Hoffman put US service members and this country at risk."

This severe sentence of 30 years in prison is a warning for those attempting to put on risk US service members and the country revealing military secrets to 3rd countries.