Fire-damaged tankership Maritime Maisie not allowed to enter Asian Pacific port of refuge

By Finance

The tankship, Maritime Maisie, which was damaged by fire and collided with the giant cargo vessel Gravity Highway is not allowed to enter the maritime boundary of Japan or South Korea. The ship is carrying hazardous chemicals and is not receiving refuge, in this case the chance for a big environmental catastrophe is growing if the ship sinks in the North Pacific. The 44,000 dwt tankship collided with the other vessel 9 NM off Busan, South Korea at the end of 2013. As a result of the crash Maritime Maisie caught fire. It is important the crew members of both ship were not injured, 27 from the tankship and 64 from the Gravity Highway.

Gravity Highway 55,000 GT is bigger than Maritime Maisie and was on its test-run during the accident. Maritime Maisie was sailing with 29,337 metric tons of acrylonitrile on board, used in the production of plastics and synthetic rubber. A place of refuge had to be provided for the fire-damaged ship, but neither of the two countries (Japan and South Korea) agreed to do this. It is important the cargo of Maritime Maisie to be offloaded to another ship. The cause of the collision is under investigation.

16 coast guard vessels and helicopters took part in extinguishing the fire of Maritime Maisie and rescuing the crew members. 8 hours were needed the fire on board the ship to be stopped. Although all of the crew members were in good health some of the people on board the fire-damaged ship sustained minor abrasions or burns. Gravity Highway was slightly damaged in the collision, but was sent to а shipyard in Ulsan.