47 year old crew member hoisted by USCG from a tanker ship

By Accidents
An ailing tanker ship crew member was evacuated by a MH-65 Dolphin helicopter dispatched from the Air Station Borinquen of the USCG. The tanker ship was about 50 n.m. north of San Juan port in Puerto Rico on February 11, 2014 when the Coast Guard professionals lifted the crew member.

The ailing crew member of the tanker ship was safely transported by the USCG helicopter to the San Juan Centro Medico Hospital.

Crew members of the 600-foot tanker ship Champion Cornelia dispatched a request for assistance to the San Juan Coast Guard sector early on Monday, February 10, while the tanker was almost 300 n.m. north of Puerto Rico. The ship was directed to San Juan to shorten the distance so the evacuation process could be fastened. Once the tanker ship was within range, the coast guard helicopter and aircrew professionals were dispatched to conduct the rescue operation.

The 47-year-old mariner who had suffered a suspected stroke, was safely hoisted onboard the USCG helicopter.

"Thanks to the swift and professional coordination between the watchstanders in Sector San Juan, Air Station Borinquen, and crew of M/T Champion Cornelia, my crew was able to hoist this individual and deliver him safely to Centro Medico in San Juan for treatment," said, Lt. Dan Eyer, a pilot from Coast Guard Air Station Borinquen.

Three to five-foot seas with 11 miles per hour winds were reported at the scene.