In May 2020 HEBO Maritiemservice B.V. started offering maritime services in the port of Amsterdam. HEBO is already active in the port but a permanent location was lacking. In cooperation with TMA Logistics and Port of Amsterdam, HEBO now has a permanent location for its sheerlegs in Amsterdam. These are now in the Amerikahaven at TMA Logistics. With these sheerlegs HEBO offers up to 800 tons of lifting capacity for breakbulk and offshore projects in the region. In addition, it also offers opportunities for the superyacht cluster in the port of Amsterdam.

HEBO Maritiemservice B.V. extends services to Amsterdam port

Furthermore, to its hoisting capacity, HEBO will be active with their Emergency Response team based in the Coenhaven in Amsterdam. This team is responsible for providing first response to incidents such as the cleaning of released waste from for example, oil and chemical products, but also cleaning plastic waste.

Port of Amsterdam is pleased with the arrival of HEBO Maritiemservice B.V. in Amsterdam. It is a great expansion of the facilities that our customers can use in the port. Furthermore, it fits with the aim to further strengthen the logistics and superyacht cluster in the port. Therefore, Port of Amsterdam is convinced that HEBO with its knowledge and experience will be an added value for the Amsterdam port.

HEBO is already active in the Netherlands in Rotterdam and Zwartsluis and is a major maritime service provider in Europe. With its floating cranes up to 800 tonnes of lifting capacity, pontoons and Emergency Response vessels and vehicles, it carries out a wide variety of activities such as breakbulk and special projects, emergency response, salvage, infrastructure, ship-to-ship operations and transports of superyachts.

Source: Port of Amsterdam

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