World's First Offshore Shale Gas Project Planned in UK

By Curious
An entrepreneur from the Irish company Nebula Resources is planning to frack offshore for shale gas in the United Kingdom. This is going to be the global first if is successful.

Offshore shale gas is in large quantities stated Dr. Chris Cornelius from Nebula Resources. The shale gas company, having 3 licenses in the Irish Sea hopes to start exploring the shale gas in the near future.

Nebula Resources licenses cover an area which is west of Blackpool into Morecambe Bay, and that area is near to Cuadrilla (former company of of Dr. Cornelius) that may fracture and drill 2 new onshore gas wells.

There might be around 250 trillion cubic feet shale gas, which is over the estimated quantity of Cuadrilla's onshore resources of gas, told Dr. Cornelius, based on geological data.

The north region of England has over 1,300 trillion cubic feet shale gas, according to researches of British Geological Society. This quantity is twice as high as an estimate from the Energy Enformation Administration of the United States for the entire country and it does not includes resources of offshore shale gas that the society considers to be larger.