Spain’s Balearia said it completed the first LNG bunkering operation for its converted ferry Bahama Mama in the Spanish port of Algeciras.

Balearia’s converted ferry Bahama Mama bunkers LNG for first time

The ferry operator carried out the LNG bunkering operation via a truck-to-ship method on June 8.

To remind, Gibraltar’s Gibdock started retrofitting the Bahama Mama ferry to adapt it to run on LNG last year.

The ferry will start service on June 21 covering the route between Barcelona and Ibiza during working days but also the route between Dénia, Ibiza and Palma on weekends.

The ship's two storage tanks have a capacity of 140 cubic meters of LNG, each, enabling it to sail up to 750 nautical miles, according to Balearia.

The vessel joins Balearia’s growing fleet of LNG-powered vessels as the shipping company is looking to reduce emissions.

Bahama Mama is the fifth LNG-powered ferry in the company’s fleet and the third vessel that has been adapted to be able to sail on LNG.

Balearia expects to take delivery of another retrofitted ferry, Sicilia, in July.

The ferry operator has scheduled three more retrofits this year and plans to have a fleet of eleven LNG-powered vessels by the end of 2021.

Source: Offshore Energy