UPDATE: Svendborg Maersk lost 520 containers overboard

By Accidents
Previously reported to have lost 50 containers, Svendborg Maersk lost 520 containers overboard due to rough weather condition in Bay of Biscay. This number of lost containers is worthy of record for containers lost in heavy weather. Survey of the cargo determined the overwhelming number of containers lost overboard as the damaged container carrier Svendborg Maersk docked in Malaga, Spain.

The Vice President of Maersk Line Operations, Palle Laursen department told:

"The actual number of containers lost at sea is much greater than we all feared. Our container ship experienced extremely rough weather and we are carefully going to review our procedures to examine whether they need to be corrected in order to avoid similar accidents."

The good news for Maersk Line is that around 85% of the lost 520 containers overboard were empty which significantly going to reduce the potential cargo claims number. Moreover, the VP Laursen said, there were no containers containing hazardous cargo.

Current position of Svendborg Maersk

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