Shocking Video of Capsizing ship with 4 crew members aboard

By Accidents
Here is an extract of the investigation of Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB), which purpose is to advance transportation safety at sea.

The incident occurred in British Columbia while tug vessel North Arm Venture was towing the steel barge North Arm Express to Sechelt Rapids on July 19th, 2009.

At the time of the incident the barge North Arm Express was loaded with deck cargo and fuel in its tanks. The barge had to be towed by the tug vessel North Arm Venture from Toba Inlet to Schelt Inlet. The tug vessel girded, pushed by the barge and capsized at 12:50 p.m. while she was turning to port at the Sechelt Rapids entrance. All the 4 crew members who were onboard the capsized tug ship Norther Arm Venture were safely rescued, two of whom suffered minor injuries.

Eventually, tug ship Sea Imp IX towed the capsized tug vessel and the barge to Killam Bay.

Watch the shocking video of the capsizing tug ship North Arm Venture with a crew member inside while pulling the North Arm Express barge.