Pirates hijack yacht in Mediterranean

By Piracy

17-metre luxury yacht Armageddon has been hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Roccapina, near southern Corsica last Sunday. A group of pleasure boaters had probably the worst day of their life when 4 armed pirates boarded the yacht. The Armageddon is built for long ocean crossings and it is almost unbelievable to have been attacked by pirates in a small motor boat in the calm southwestern coast of Corsica known like a popular yacht destination. After boarding the yacht, the pirates without any efforts captured the 3 people on board the vessel. The 3 occupants of the Armageddon were locked in a cabin for 3 hours and after that were left on a lifeboat kilometres from the coast. The yacht is worth over a million Euro and was stolen.  

No one of the occupants of the Armageddon were injured or hurt by the attackers, not considering the fact that the 3 people (the yacht’s owner, his wife and the captain) were tied up. After being hostages for 3 hours, the occupants of the yacht were sent to a yacht life boat adrift in the Mediterranean Sea. Hours were needed the 3 stranded pleasure boaters to reach a tiny village of Campomoro. 

Many people will be concerned to sail in а yacht in the area (private yachts and pleasure cruises). Pirate attacks are something unusual in the Mediterranean according to authorities. All pirate attacks in the region were far from the Mediterranean last years. The hijacked yacht can sail with only 8knots, has unusual design, modern shape and brushed raw aluminum hull. It is known that the most dangerous waterways are those near the Horn of Africa and the Gulf of Guinea and only merchant vessels are attacked. Corsica is known in the tourist industry with the sailing and yachting. 

Background information:

Last year was reported an incident near the island, in Genoa when an international organised group of luxury yacht thieves was broken up. 

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